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    Does Firewave work with PC?
    I just bought the Logitech G51 surround set for my MBP. I noticed a real lack of sound quality coming form them, so i called Logitech, and they told me i need to get the Griffen Firewave for use with my Mac. So i went and bought, and i'm waiting for it to come in. I called Griffen and asked them if the Firewave would work with Bootcamp on my PC side. They said they haven't tested it, so they didn't know. So i caled Logitech and asked them, and they said it would work. Does anyone have this Firewave who use it with their Bootcamp? I'm just thinking that with XP, you might need a driver for it, but i'm not sure.

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    surround sound on bootcamp
    Hey i have the same configuration and the same question so if you find a solution, please let me know!

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