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    Question Fake/Replica Macbook Pro? (ie. from China)
    Have you ever heard of Fake/Replica Macbook Pro's or MacBook's?

    I know there are tons of really horrendous, poor quality replicas from China of the Ipod, Nano's, and Iphones (who knows, maybe the iTouch as well),

    but have any of you heard experiences of Fake/Replica MacBooks?

    There are plenty of Macbook's selling on eBay and Craiglist for $500 to $800 or more off retail price, and a part of me is wondering if a fair percentage of these machines are replicas that will die after a few months of usage or something like that ?

    (aside from the random sellers on Craigslist who 'live overseas' and will 'ship you the product before you pay' as long as you use their 'escrow' service - AKA scam, lol)

    how do some of these sellers get to sell the machine for $800 off of retail when it appears I'm sure buying wholesale from Apple in bulk isn't like 50% off or something like that?

    Fake/Replica Macbooks from China,etc??

    Thank you!

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    If the price is too good to be true, chances are its a scam
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    Quote Originally Posted by louishen View Post
    If the price is too good to be true, chances are its a scam
    While I haven't personally seen a MacBook/Macbook Pro replica, I couldn't agree more.
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    Well where do Macbooks come from? Guess it is always possible a Chinese factory could copy the product line and slip their own out.

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    I don't use eBay a lot, but my dad does. And we looked around once a little bit just to see what was on there and we were looking at Mac computers. Some were selling for $350 and we were like there's no way a Mac would sell that cheap.

    So we looked at the sellers other items and they were all MacBooks selling for the same price - $350. So we checked out his reputation - 18.0% positive.

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    Those heavily undercut Macs (and other popular things) on ebay are usually nothing. Literally. You won't get a fake; you'll get.. well.. nothing. They get the victim's cash (likely through some 'oh i use an escrow/money wire thing') and off they run.

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