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    Some Iphoto questions
    First, I posted this in the switchers hangout because I think my problem is stemming from my Windows based brain. (aka, I'm having trouble thinking mac) So if this thread needs to be moved, please let me know, thanks.

    So I've actually had my IMac for about a year, and I love it. I don't use it for anything real intensive, basically just normal internet use, and I use Iphoto and Imovie casually to handle photos and videos of my baby daughter.

    My problem, is that anytime I try to REALLY understand IMovie or IPhoto, it frustrates the crap out of me. I'll give a few examples.

    1. In IPhoto, I'll import my photos, then correct red-eye, etc. Then when I go to upload to photobucket to share with family, I have to fish through the modified and originals folders to make sure I get the right ones. Can't I just make it replace the original??

    2. In IMovie, I'll start a project, and make whatever changes/trimmings I need, then upload to youtube. The problem is, those IMovie projects are huge, so can I trash them once I've published it?

    There's tons of questions I have, these are just the 2 that aggravated me today, so mainly I'd love to just know where my best source of info/learning would be on these 2 subjects.

    Thanks, and sorry if I rambled like a madman.

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    Hi there

    Well I am completely new to Mac, like 3 weeks new, so I probably won't be saying the right thing, but in regards to Q1-

    You can select photos in iPhoto and 'hide' them. So i am thinking that maybe you can just hide the originals temporarily?

    Or you could create an album specifically for the edited/web versions and just drag them into there?

    Not sure if that helps but that would be what I'd try first Like I said, I am totally new to all of this too!!


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    Doan't try to upload your photos from the library in finder! In the iPhoto app, select the photo you want to upload, and either drag it to the desktop or use the export function (that will allow you to choose what size you want to upload), and then upload from there. Users are not meant to do anything to/with your photos in the finder library. Doing so will potentially corrupt your photos. iPhoto organizes itself so that it can find the photos for you in the app, best to leave that file alone. If you modify a photo, say the red eye, in the app, and save it, that one will be the one that you will upload -- no need to choose between modified and originals. iPhoto keeps the original so that down the road if you want to revert and start your changes all over, you have that option.

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    Great, thanks skybolt. For some reason I never even thought to drag them to the desktop.

    So what I did was create a folder on the desktop called "photobucket" and I just drag them there anytime I want to upload, then I just trash them after, thanks so much!!

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