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    Printing Problem For To Do List In Apple Mail

    I am trying to take a print of my To Do List, in which i have made entries in Apple Mail itself. However, the print function does not highlight at all, and does not let me take a print.

    I have tried taking a print through iCal, but the problem is, all entries made in Apple Mail, show a thread linking it to AppleMail in the print, which i am not able to remove. This makes the list into 3 pages instead of 1 and with a lot of gibberish (links) in the middle.

    I have tried making the list in iCal itself and taking a print, but the surprising part is when i do a sort in iCal (by title), the print does not come in a sorted manner (neither does the print preview) so its not a printer integration issue.

    I really like the To Do in Apple Mail (not iCal), and it would be perfect if i can figure out a way to print it.


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    Your post is a tad confusing, but if you're trying to type up something on your email, use GMail and then go to Google Docs.

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    Just wondering if you ever solved this problem> I am having the same problem printing my to do list from ical ..... A URL is printed with each entry. What is going on?? Anyone,


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