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    this is a dumb question but...
    I have a black macbook and i have it connected to a LG external monitor via VGA. i can use the computer while it is closed and looks like its sleeping, but... when i go to open it because i want to use it while connected to the monitor, the only things on it that work are the keyboard and mouse. It wont wake up and display on the actual macbook, just the monitor (until i restart the computer) any help please??


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    I've had this happen before. Not sure what causes it or how to fix the source of the problem, but to get the monitor working without restarting all you need to do is pull the mini-DVI cable from the Macbook. Once the screen returns, you can plug it back in and things will be back to normal.

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    You can also go under system preferences and under display press the "detect displays" button. and the macbook's screen should come back to life.
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    Ok I think I know what your problem is.

    I have my MacBook connected to an external monitor too. When I put my Macbook to sleep after startup, and then open the lid back up, the display is only on my external Dell monitor - not the Macbook's (which is exactly what I want). The MacBook's screen is blank - and I think that's what your problem is? You want the MacBook to display as well with your LG monitor?

    This is just a case of opening system pref --> displays --> and unchecking "mirror displays".

    Personally, I like the idea of turning off my MacBook's display like this, and only using the external monitor. Also, if you use the external monitor like I do, you should consider keeping your MacBook lid open, even though there's nothing displayed on it, because the system expels heat through the keyboard, and it can't do that with the lid closed - so it gets very hot.

    Hope this helps.

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