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    POP3 Account Set Up?
    Hi -- I help set up volunteers for a non-profit including setting them up with a POP3 account. Most of my volunteers use PC's and I have no Mac expertise. Just got a volunteer with a Mac who wants POP but doesn't know how to set it up. I asked if she was using a mail client (or how she checks her e-mailand the info I got was):

    I go to Safari, then to Mobile Me -- my .mac account -- is that what you mean -- I'm so sorry -- what I lack in computer skills I promise to make up in other ways!

    Does anyone have any advice on where I can go to find info to help set her up??

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    She's using .mac /mobileme's web based email.

    Tell her to launch "Mail" instead (should be the stamp icon in the dock next to the Safari icon). Then the setup assistent should help her set everything up with the details you can give her...

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