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    Explain Download Volumes and Mountpoints?
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there could explain the download process to me. When I download software, the 'volume' appears on my desktop, I drag the app to the app folder, the volume is still there. Do I need it?

    Also, I was wondering about the mountpoint. What exactly is it? Just the place that the app was installed to?

    Then, if I install something that doesn't work, how do I un-install it? I tried to install a php version that was supposedly specifically for OSX. It isn't working. I'd like to un-install and try again. How do we do that?

    Would appreciate any help on this....


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    If you have copies an application to your local applications folder, then you can drag the volume to the trash to unmount it

    MOuntpoint? I assume you mean that volume that appears. Its the default way to install OS X apps, like a virtual drive. Once you have copied the app to your local drive then they are not needed.
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    Thanks for the help. I guess my biggest 'worry' was if I have to do some sort of cleaning process before I try to re-install, or if just dragging the app to the trash would get it all.

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