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Thread: Transmission Speed

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    Transmission Speed

    Anyone can tell me the reason it's so slow? I see 900 peers but i'm only connected to 10 or so.

    I just managed to do the port forwarding yesterday, it seem to make absolutely no difference to my speed at all T.T..

    And when i use xunlei (a Chinese torrent client) on pc, i get to connect to thousands of peers and speed go up to 1MB+

    Thanks for your help

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    I can't answer your question, but it's always been slow for me as well. I'm just using it sparsely while I wait for utorrent to release a mac client

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    If you have you port forwarded correctly, it basically comes down to the actual torrent file itself. How many seeds does it have? If I'm not mistaken, peers are different than seeds? They may be the same, heck I'm not sure. But I've had great luck with transmission. If it has over 100 seeds I usually get at least 100K/s up to 300K/s with cable internet.

    I do notice that if there are under 100 seeds then it does seem like it takes forever.

    EDIT: Well I just looked at the picture more closely and it says it has 262 seeders so it should be decently fast. Maybe your ISP is throttling downloads? Also, did you cap your upload speed? I usually have mine set pretty low. Most ISP's don't care about how much you download, it's the uploading that kills the connection, especially on cable internet.
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    Even if there are 200+ seeds, there are over 900 leechers, so your speed wouldn't be that quick because the ratio is too low. Because of that number you are only known to 73 other people, and of those you are only able to connect to 8. It's all about the numbers.

    People always talk mad sh** about Transmission, but I have never once had a problem. So I always chalk it up to user problems and/or lack of knowledge of how torrents work in general. You can't compare speeds of different clients (win or mac or linux) without using the EXACT same torrent with the EXACT same conditions (ie seeds / leechers / known/ etc.)
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