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    Question Installing programs
    Hi All,
    This is going to seem like a very basic questions to all of you guys but i'm very new when it comes to macs i've only just had my PB for a week or so. i'm struggling with installing programms onto my PB. I download a programme say msn for example and i have a "dmg" file. when i double click i have a white disk drive open on the desktop and a finder window opens and i can use the programme.
    question is how can i not have to click on the "dmg" file everytime i want to use the programme?

    Thanks alot for your help

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    After you open up the white disk, drag and drop the application located in the white disk to the Application folder. That will install the application on to your system. Once the copy is complete, then drag and drop the white disk on the trash icon. This will umount the white disk (virual file system). you can also place the the .dmg in the trash once you have completed the process, or save it in case you need it again.
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    When that folder opens up there should be a readme file there to explain how to install that particular program. But usually you'd just drag the app to you applications folder.

    I know, too easy isn't it?

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    Whoa, just beat me to it rman!

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