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    Require password when waking from sleep

    On my (new) MacBook Pro, I have found how to set up OS X to need a password when booting up from a powered down state but how can I set it to demand a password when waking from sleep?

    This was a simple tick in Win XP but I can't find it in OS X 10.5.5

    I am sure it's straight forward here too, most things are with a Mac I am finding, it's just knowing where to look. I can't see it in System Preferences.



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    Apple Menu> System Preferences> Security - first check box under the 'General' tab.

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    Flippin` eck, that was quick!

    Thanks very much skaheadpunk.

    I thought it would be easy and it is :-)

    *I thought I had posted this yesterday but just found it sitting there*

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