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    So I am a recent convert and also recent to itunes. I am not a major music user, but I am growing to enjoy it more with my MP3 player and occasional borrowing my wifes nano. So I created a couple of playlists and was messing around and bam...the order was totally changed and now I can't even alter it except using the album, artist, ect. windows. I like to order the specifically for working out ect and would like to make a spin playlist too. But can't keep them ordered how I like. Is there a way to do this? Can I lock the playlist?

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    You can only control the order of the playlists in the iTunes program, not on the actual ipod.

    Changing the order of playlists is easy. Just drag and drop the songs in the order you want them. Then re-sync the ipod.

    I'm not sure how playlists work on non-apple devices though.
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    If you've put them in the order you want them, you can put them back in that order by clicking the top of the column with the numbers in it.

    Also check you've not pressed the shuffle button (second one from the left).

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