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Thread: A couple of short questions...

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    A couple of short questions...
    I recently got my MacBook MB404D and I love it! However I have some questions:

    1. How do I access my Mac's BIOS - or something like it? I like knowing that I have full control over my Mac's hardware, anyway, I want to increase the amount of shared memory used by GMA X3100, 144 just won't cut it. I want 256.
    2. The way Leopard treats default applications are confusing to me, when I choose 'Always Open With' in the Open With dialog box only the current file is affected. Can I change the default application based on extensions like my ol' Windows?
    3. Last but not least, please share your tips & tricks regarding the maintenance of a black MacBook (e.g. how often should I clean it, with what) - my friend recommended a LCD protector / screen guard with keyboard protector - is this necessary for my Mac?

    Thank you so much in advance guys...
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    1. You can't access the BIOS (or the EFI as it's called on Macs). May I ask why you want to change it? I can't think of anything you would need to increase the memory for that would yield any tangible benefit. It definitely won't give you an increase in graphics performance because the integrated chip is quite limited in its capabilities, and won't perform any better no matter how much memory you throw at it.

    2. To change the default application for a specific file type, right click on that file and select Get Info. Under "Open With" select the application you want and then hit the "Change All" button.

    3. I've had my black Macbook for almost two years now and it's held up exceptionally well physically. All I need to clean it is a microfiber cloth. Haven't really needed much else. Now while I have seen people with a variety of protectors for the case, these tend to be for the white Macbook as it tends to get noticeably dirtier.

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    As far as changing anything on your Mac such as the efi. Apple does not allow you to change or access the O.S.X operating system. Apple does this so you can not mess up your computer.

    As for cleaning your MacBook. I have a Quad Mac Pro that I payed well over 15 grand for so I know a thing or two. I also have a MacBook (white) in which I am going to be putting on E-Bay soon. The first generation MacBook's such as the one I have are not very good at gaming and stuff like that. I clean the outside of mine with windex but DON'T clean your screen with anything that has alcohol in it because over time it will cause your screen the turn yellow and eventually you will get little cracks in your l.c.d. and not to long after that it will die. I learned this the hard way with my first p.c. laptop over ten years ago. You can clean your keyboard and track pad with windex, I have been cleaning my Macbook that way since I got it two years ago. It won't hurt, just wipe up off right away and don't let any left over liquid sit there. I keep a can of compressed air to do a quick blow off to make sure all is out of the keyboard.

    Save your money for a Mac Pro. The MacBook is a good starter computer for switchers but you will find yourself wanting more power if you already have not.

    Did you know that Intel core duo = a 32 bit processor?
    And a Intel core 2 duo = a 64 bit processor.

    I just learned that! See learn new stuff every day. What made me mad is the fact that when I click the Apple icon and then about this Mac on my MacBook, mine says Intel core duo. Bummer big time.

    All 1st generation MacBook's and MacBook Pro's came with 32 bit processors.

    Had to come back and edit!

    Sorry as for a great l.c.d. cleaning liquid that won't mess up your screen. I have used Klear screen for years. I have used and trust it with my 23 inch wide screen Apple cinema display for over two years now and even used it in my p.c. days. I have provided the link for you.
    Love my 1st generation Quad Pro!

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