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Thread: Noobie Questions

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    Noobie Questions
    I have had my mac book for a few days and have a couple of questions that I havent been able to figure out on my own...

    1.) I read the FAQ here about setting up printers for networking but haven't figured i tout 100% .... My PC has printer sharing turned on & has a printer hooked to it via parallel cable ... I turned on printer sharing on my mac found that printer selected it & did generic driver... it worked except it was random characters .... wrong driver I assume... before I d/l & install anything to my mac I want to make sure I do it right... Is this the driver & should install & use for printer sharing via a wifi network?

    2.) In reading general mac facs there's several shortcuts assigned to say f8 f9 f10 w/e on my MacBook those buttons are volume & mute & w/e not the shortcut I've read it's supposed to be ... any advice on that?

    My first apple product is this White 2.4 Mac Book I bought on September 25, 2008!

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    Hold down the Fn (function) key when you want to use the F9 etc thing, rather than whatever else that button does. You can swap the primary function over in System Preferences> Keyboard.

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