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    can a MacBook Pro handle music and video
    I am on the hunt for a mac computer. I plan to use it for music and video production. Plan is to use an affordable pro tools package for music and final cut pro for video editing. Most of the music is midi with vocals as the only live audio. Video is digital, but I will eventually add in hd. Can a macbook pro handle this or do I have to go mac pro? I know the latter is better but if the macbook pro can do a good job of it then I can work on location, plus I can scrap my windows laptop. If I have to go mac pro, then when I do get a new laptop will a macpro get me thru the basics on location allowing me to finish up on the mac pro when I get home?

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    Yes, it can handle it. Hence the "Pro" moniker.
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    I was thinking that either way I will need a nice monitor. Will there be any major drawbacks to going macbook pro first over the macpro other than larger storage capacity.

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    I just read a post about an imac. I never considered it before. How does an imac compare for the same uses described above?

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    It will do the job fine (Obviously not as well as a Mac Pro), spec. wise the iMac is almost identical to the Macbook Pro anyway. You can hook a second monitor up to it too if you like.

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    Yes, the iMac can handle it as well. Just like Shfle said, the iMac is like a big MacBook Pro, or a MacBook Pro is like a portable iMac. I have an iMac and it has had no problems breezing though FCP w/ HD content.

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