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    Unhappy powerpoint 2008 mac - insert youtube vids - please help!

    new to this forum - would really appreciate some advice

    am a proficient user of PP however, have come to use new PP 2008 - have just started teacher training and need to create lots of exciting PP presentations for kids.... well as exciting as an english teacher can make! I havent used PP 2008 before - when we updated the microsoft software I didnt really need the PP but I think it will be essential from here on in -
    I want to insert youtube vids - cant work out how on this 2008 - before went to view - tools - extended toobox etc - now there is no option for this - when i type in shockwave to the help - nothing comes up -
    woudl be really grateful fro any advice - sat here wasting hours tody trying to find a way around it!
    do i need to save the youtube vid before i can embed?

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    ps - not sure whether i have posted in correct area - sorry!

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    POwerpoint does not support flash

    you can download youtube videos from Firefox if you have the Fast Video Download extension installed.

    FRom there you can use isquint to convert the video to an AVI movoe that Powerpoint can read, I have found that an AVI encoded with the Cinepac codec works well on Powerpoint

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