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Thread: AFP and HFS+

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    AFP and HFS+
    Hello everyone.
    I'm just seeking some technical advice, having only been in the ICT profession for 2 months i'm a little lost. We have a Mac OS X server 10.4 running here. Recently i've been having backup troubles with are backup software saying that the volume size is to big and can't be bigger than 2 gb. Now are external harddrive was formatted as SMB initially and i was told this was the problem.
    I reformatted that to HFS+ and the backup ran fine, however we have now bought a proper 1TB network hard drive which is AFP format. Does this limit file size to 2 GB like SMB or would it allow the backup file to exceed the 2 gb 'threshold'.
    Any help would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance

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    Peachpit press does several somewhat technical "Apple Training Series" books which would be a great reference for you to have.

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    I'm not sure if AFP is a filesystem format!!!!
    As long as I know, AFP is a protocol known as Apple Filing Protocol (AFP). It is an Apple proprietary protocol for file sharing over the network.
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    Thanks for your responses.
    Just to let you I decided to just go for it and see if the backup would work and it has more by luck than judgement but hey the marketing team have stopped panicking for now.
    thanks all the same

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    SMB is a network filesharing protocol as has been addressed. Fat32 (which is a file system format) has a 2GB limit, HFS+ does not. SMB has either a 2gb or 4gb limit, as far as I know only older AFP versions had a 2gb limit, I believe the current limit is much higher.
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