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    So my main computer is finally a mac...
    I'm a Windows desktop support technician and I've been working with windows since version 3.0. I've been a casual mac user for the past 6 years since I came across an iMac with OSX 10.0 in one of the computer labs at the college I used to work for. I started out with a Beige Mac G3. Then I replaced it with a 1ghz Powermac G4. Then when my p3 laptop broke I bought a powerbook. About a year ago I replaced my powerbook and work laptop with a Macbook. The ability to run both windows and osx finally convinced me to replace my primary system with a mac . This week I purchased an 8 core Mac Pro to replace the Xeon 3350 quad core system I built back in March. I hate vista, and I've been using xp64 but it's been flaky lately. I've had such a good experience with leopard I finally decided to go all the way. While waiting for my Mac Pro to arrive, I've switched completely to osx aside from work and have discovered a few things I miss about windows and hope to find alternatives for. I've searched the web but have not found any solutions for these issues. First, I'm really missing flashmute. I hate it when my browser decides to interrupt the music I'm listening to or video I'm watching. Is there any comparable alternative to flashmute for the mac? Next is Paint .net. I have an Adobe Creative Suite 3 license that includes mac, but I really want a smaller faster loading program that works like paint .net. Seashore is the closest thing I have found, but it seems more difficult to use than paint .net was. Next is my keyboard. I love my Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000, but I want to swap the placement of the windows and alt keys (I think it's the option and the alt key in osx). Can I do that? Finally, there are my media players. On my PC, I used J. River Media center for my audio library, winamp for playing media files on the fly, and Windows media player classic for video. On my mac, the closest I've come are iTunes, Audion, and VLC Player. Are those the best alternatives or are there others? My main complaint about itunes is that it will not use the popularimeter mp3 tag I used to rate all my music in Media Center. Is there any way to import ratings from this tag into itunes? The other two just don't seem as good as the windows programs I use. This may seem like a large list, but overall I love the macs I've had and they've always been more stable and usable than my windows computers. I'd like to address my above issues so I don't have to boot into windows very often. Any advice on any of my issues would be greatly appreciated.

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    ohhhh geez wall of text! try using paragraphs!

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    About replacing the Apple keyboard with a Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000, I guess you could just plug in the Microsoft one and work with it, there's no problem. The buttons are really similar though and you'll not be missing any except for PrintScreen, which takes screen shots, but you can easily take screen shots on your Mac by a key combination (Command + Shift + 3). VLC player is pretty good, I've came across it but when I was using Windows lol. Of course iTunes is supposed to be the best, so you should just stick to it. As for your other questions, I'm sorry I can not help you.
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