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    Problems with ffmpeg
    I'll try to keep this short and sweet

    Installed ffmpeg, set everything up to convert, and it then asks me
    "Where is"

    I then have to locate this unknown file on my computer, but I have absolutely no idea where or what it is

    Can anyone shed some light on the situation?
    Been searching the forums for the past 40 mins

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    Sep 09, 2008
    Alright, I think i got my first problem sorted out, but I'm not sure
    Now I can convert, I'm trying to convert a .wmv file to .avi

    So when I hit convert, it either fails, or dings and says its finished
    However the entire process takes less than 2 seconds, which I know isnt right.

    So I check the directory for where its supposed to be saved and the file is zero bytes in size

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Thanks for the bump
    Still cant figure this out

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    give MPEG Streamclip a try, that may have more luck

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    Will give that a shot when I get home from work

    I might as well ask my second question:

    I need a photo editing program that can crop at specific sizes
    Example, on a pc with adobe photoshop, I can hit the crop tool, then input a fixed size I want the crop selection area to be

    So basically if I set the crop size to 240*320, I'll have a crop selector on the image thats 240*320 that I can move around

    Are there any programs out there that can do this?
    (I spent hours last night going through and version tracker but didnt find any
    that do what I want)

    Or is my only option to pay for adobe photoshop?

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