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    Uninstalling programs?
    How does one go about uninstalling an unwanted program? I checked out Apples Support PDF but found nothing and have done a search on my computer and came up empty.

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    If it doesn't come with an uninstaller, then simply drag the application to the Trash. Yes, it really is that simple

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    I use app zapper. It's make uninstalling simple and hassle free. Works well for me. Otherwise you can just send the app, .plist and other associated files and folders to the trash. App zapper automates this process.

    Edit: Kash beat me!

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    Does App Zapper happen to be a freeware program or a paid one?

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    search for AppDelete, its free, and will get rid of a program and all of its associated files
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    App Zapper $12.95

    I believe the download allows 5 free zaps before registration is required.

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    Im old school, I usually drag the app to the trash then use spotlight to hunt for any other files, then delete them by hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by podraig View Post
    search for AppDelete, its free, and will get rid of a program and all of its associated files
    No longer free. Small fee required ($5.00), see the author's web site:


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    Mar 31, 2008
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    This drag to the trash thing was alright for a while, but it's getting to the point where apps are putting stuff in different library folders. Apple is going to need a central uninstall routine before too long.

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