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    Mac Mini on its way to me & KVM switch

    Just joined this forum. Had a look at a couple of others but they didn't look very lively.

    I am a software engineer in the UK, work on development of PC software with MS Visual Studio. I bought a 3G 16GB iPhone a couple of weeks ago and thought that I would try my hand at writing app's for it. Then I found that the development carried out on Macs. I last week ordered a Mac Mini 2GHz & 160GB HDD. Can't wait for it to arrive.

    I have a Dell Dimension 5150C at home so have also ordered a KVM switch, an Aten C1762. Does anyone have any experience of using a PC and Mac Mini with one of these KVM switches? I looked at the Belkin switch2 but wasn't very impressed with it, and have heard several reports poor image quality.

    Just can't wait for all this to arrive next week.

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    I've not used a KVM switch between my PC and MacBook but have had them both hooked directly to my Samsung 22" external monitor at the same time.

    I attached the PC via the VGA input and my MacBook by mini DVI to the DVI input on the monitor. There is a certain amount of inconvenience doing it that way since both machines can not be running at the same time.

    I mentioned that because I normally do not recommend using a KVM switch between monitors. KVMs seem to work well with printers but not monitors. Make sure the switch you purchased does not introduce an EMF spike on the line when switched, otherwise it should be OK.


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    i think as long as you get something decent you should be ok. just don't cheap-out on a KVM.
    we've got lots of them here at work (in computer ops/data center) and i've never really seen a problem with image quality.

    btw - i like the handle. i used "spook" at a few forums in the past, such as
    when i was an admin, i made this avatar for myself (one of many)...

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    I have it. And it is an old KVM too! I bought an adapter so that both the keyboard and the mouse connect to the USB on the Mini and the Windows computer runs at the same time. I also have an adapter for the VGA connection to DVI on the MINI. Works very well and the MINI seems to love the old keyboard. NUMLOCK is always on and the Windows key works like CMD on the MAC. No problem.

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