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    How to run Keynote presentations on Windows?
    Ok so me and a couple of friends have a presentation we need to show to the class next week. Since no one in my group has a presentation program I said Ill make it. But Im using Keynote. And every computer on the school has uses Windows. So I was wondering how I could run it on a Windows computer?

    I have tried Quicktime and it work great on my mac. Although my school computer has a old version of QT. I downloaded the new version and kept getting a stupid error, so I don't think Im gonna use that.

    Im also not gonna export it to a Powerpoint Presentation. The transitions donzt stay and it ends up looking just plain ugly.

    So any advice? I was thinking of burning it onto a DVD but Im not entirely sure how that will work.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    You've pretty much effectively removed your options. I just do a simpler transitions and effects and export as powerpoint.
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