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Thread: MacBook / Mail / Hotmail

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    MacBook / Mail / Hotmail
    I have just switched to Mac after years on PC, lovin it by the way.

    I have had a Hotmail account for years and would like to continue using it as i am about to head away traveling for a while.
    I would like to utilise the "Mail" function / App with the macBook but having quite a few problems.

    I have downloaded an app that enables the use of HTTP accounts, i have set up and account (although i think some of the details are incorrect) however, i cannot send or receive mail??

    So the question is? what am i doing wrong, can i use the mail function with a Hotmail account or not? If not, what are my options for using the Mail function.....setting up a brand new account using .mac? was hoping to avoid having to buy into .mac

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hotmail should have some support pages which go over the use of hotmail with POP mail programs.

    If all else fails, get a gmail account - they do indeed work with POP programs.

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    You can use Hotmail with Mail but I'm pretty sure you need to be a paying account holder?

    You don't have to buy into .mac to use the Mail app - a lot of email providers work fine with it - like gmail, yahoo, etc.

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