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    help getting my new old mac in order
    howdy, i have an older ibook g3 powerbook from about 2002 i just put osx 10.4 on it it runs fine, applications run great, but, the video is not to hot on it,, the website load fine, but i can see that the video ads on some of the sites are running slow, and streaming video seems a little low quality, and just a bit out of whack, quicktime seems to be working fine, but somthing seems a bit off as well (i dont know if its me on that one,) but regular videos are jacked up,,,, im new at the mac game, so im not to hip on the way they work yet, so dumb it down if you can,, thanks heaps,

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    I am running a G4 and get choppyt playback on web videos

    Unless you have already maxed out the ram it is down to the video card, which on our old 2002 macs are not up to that much.

    I could upgrade the card in my G4 but I am leaving off upgrades and putting the money in to my Macbook fund

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