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    playing red alert 2 through boot camp. HELP!
    hey guys, so i recently got boot camp up and running on my black macbook, 2.4 ghz and 4gb memory. i have 30 gb hard drive partition for my windows xp, and i've install steam on it and it runs fine, but for some reason i have trouble with my red alert 2 game.

    i got it installed, but when i put the disc in to play, it just doens't load up. that first screen just comes up and it freezes. so i uninstalled it and now i can't even get it to open up to install again....any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!

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    Perhaps that particular game needs a bigger amount of space to run in that partition. If i understand this correctly you designating that space for windows to use as its own, now if you run a game on top of that it may be too much for the space that you have set aside for windows programs.

    Also another thing, if memory serves me correctly the regular mac books do not have standalone graphics cards but integrated with the system. Doing all that at the same time and not having any video memory to use soley for the game could be causing the lockups.

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    i ran red alert 2 on my 500mhz shared video POS like 8 years ago. I dont think that video card troubles are the issue.

    I dont think I have played red alert 2 in xp before though.

    isnt it like 95/98 style. could be a problem there with that.

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    well, i've run red alert 2 on my desktop computer which is a pc and not a mac. and that computer has xp, so i know it's not the xp issue of it...or at least i'm pretty sure.

    as for the graphics issue, i've played counter strike and audio surf on my computer and red alert 2's graphics aren't better, so i don't know if it's the graphics that's the problem. maybe it's the memory thing though.

    anybody got any other thoughts?

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    Have you tried simply uninstalling and re-installing? Could have been a simple issue along those matters. Best of luck.

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