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    New guy questions
    1. What about playing WMV files?

    2. I don't have an option to save anything to a CD. How do I do it?

    3. Are special CD's or DVD's needed?

    4. Can I leave my Mac on all the time?

    5. My space bar doesn't seem to work very well, any suggestions other than hitting it harder?

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    1. Flip4Mac
    2. Put the CD in and it should pop up as an icon on your desktop, drag and drop or if you're referring to itunes music just click the "burn" option in the playlist you are trying to burn.
    3. Nope
    4. I don't see why not. My laptop is connected and stays 90% of the time on my desk constantly charging and always on. Mess with the settings in your preferences to have it go to sleep eventually to save battery and also not just get too hot.
    5. Can't help you out there, try cleaning it. If worse comes to worse then take it into a Macmedia store and have them fix it. I'm sure it will take them 2 mins.

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    I have the wireless keyboard and mouse on my new iMac. The standard wired aluminum keyboard is the same except it adds the right-hand number pad. The keyboard takes some getting used to (for my wife and myself) as we both use regular PC keyboards at work. But we are getting used to it, even having to switch back and forth daily. Last night I was noticing that it didn't seem to be slowing her down much, she types about 120 wpm. And yes, the biggest problem I have is the space bar; I'm often running words together. But it's getting better. It's a matter of hitting it a little more decisively. Give it some time, see what you think. If you have a desktop (I assume?), you can get a Mac-compatible keyboard that will look and feel like a PC keyboard, with the exception of the few key differences. Staples online has them for $30. But I really love the wireless, and being able to move it completely out of the way on the desk, etc. It would be a shame to mess up the sleek look of the iMac with that clunky keyboard (IMO!) Maybe there are some keyboard settings in Preferences? I've never looked, but it's worth checking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlee58 View Post
    4. Can I leave my Mac on all the time?
    Yes, but shut it off if you won't be using it for an hour or longer. Otherwise, you're just wasting electricity. And unplug it, too, because it still draws some power while shut off, as all consumer electronics devices do.

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    On the spacebar issue, the Macbook and also the full sized aluminum keyboards at first take a little getting used to. I used to also have the Spacebar not work, but it works fine and it's all the way you hit it and the way you hold your hands. I find with my hands anyway, if I keep them flat on the desk (I am using the desktop keyboard) Space works every time now for me without an issue. When I was typing incorrectly and holding my hands in the air, it was like the spacebar was never working,

    Hope that helps a bit.

    With Blank CD/DVD's, try different brands. I have found some burners don't get along with some blanks. Only way to find out it try and see. I have had the best luck with Verbatim media here on my Macs and PC's. Never a coaster.

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    All the other questions have been answered, but as for the space bar, I would assume it's dirty. Once a bug got in there and I had to bring it in the store for them to get it out. Believe it or not, it actually lived.

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