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    A Scary Thing Happened on the way to the Forum
    I had my very first ever ever crash. Lost a couple of hours of Photoshop work (yeah, save, save, save) and not much else so it wasn't a disaster. Just shocked me. The one thing I have been able to say up until now is I have not had this happen.

    I blame you guys I was just moseying along, not coping with my switch. I came here and decided it was time to knuckle down. I have already picked up a couple of tips that thrill me. Unfortunately, I also picked up a couple of software programs that I should not have. Reminded me of my old Windows days when I would install, play and then fix all the bad things that happened from my playing. Because my style of play is bull in a china shop.

    Now I feeling "window-ed" again. I have some ugly things I can't get rid of, and some instability. And fear.

    I am going to try to backtrack but it will take a ton of reading to figure it out. One thing for sure, once I get back on track, I will be throwing out the software but keeping my "land of the mac" attitude.

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    What happened exactly?
    Looks like a temperature problem.
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    Um, it's a computer. They crash.

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    Aug 27, 2008
    iMac 2.4GHz 320GB 4GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB memory
    they do indeed! Counting my blessings that it has been seven long great months without one!

    Doug, thanks for the inquiry but don't go there! The only temperature problem was mine when the thing happened and I realised I had not saved my work

    I was "geek-ish" with MS but not going there with the Mac. That is supposed to be one of its major strengths. Going to go back to lurk mode and eagerly snap up tips and leave the configuring and tweaking and fun stuff to those with the appropriate skill and knowledge sets. Humbled (once again) by my flat line learning curve.

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