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    Smile My little switch story
    About a month ago I was reading an article about the new IMAC, so I said to my brother lets go to a apple store to check it out he agreed of we went.

    When we entered the next byte store it was complete eye candy the beauty all around it was just amazing I had never been to a make store and really looked around.

    We saw the new imac & decided we had to have it keep in mind I had just spent about $4500 about 6 months ago on a new windows machine.

    I got home and decided ok let get started I put all my gear on EBay it was sold within a couple of weeks the desk had to go also, it was not up to the IMAC design ( a bit like wearing a suit with a pair of $5 shoes)

    Every thing I had sold for about $3000 what could I do it was one of those things, my brother & I really wanted to get the POWERMAC G5 Dual 2.0 with a 20" but the price was out of my league so we thought.

    Well a week went by & money was falling from the sky so to speak, I had raised the funds to purchase a Dual 2.0 with 1GB ram plus a 23" cinema display. it was one of the best things I have ever done I do not regret spending that cash I will never go back to windows it is a piece of crap as we all know here, apple rules hands down

    AAA for APPLE I love what they do comparing OS X to windows is like comparing a Mercedes to a Ford they are both great cars but one is clearly in a class of it's own :bushman:

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    Congrats, I wish that I had started my mac experiance with a Dual G5 and a 23" Screen.

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    heh, congrates... i had to save up for a year and a half to get my dual g5, but it's dual 2.5 with 2 gigs of ram, then added my own gig of ram later on.. I still can't afford the displays though... i think theyr way over prised..

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    your a very fortuante person, i sure hope your enjoying your mac , i would kill to have a 23inch screen on my powerbook

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