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    How to adjust sound played through the mac from an external device? Impossible?
    This is about sound as I play it through my computer rather than sound being played BY my computer (like through iTunes, etc.)

    I bought a fantastic set of computer speakers today that I have hooked up to my Mac. But when I connect my XM receiver's output to the Mac's audio input jack, the sound coming out of the speakers is flat as h**l. I mean yeah the sound coming out of the XM unit is flat, but it's impossible to adjust the sound as it goes through the computer so it comes out flat as well and sounds like poo poo.

    It boggles the mind that iTunes does not play nor process sound from the line in jack, so that program is basically useless for this even though it does have an equalizer. Way to think things through there, Apple. Plenty of other programs will record sound from the input jack but that is not what I want: I just want to be able to adjust sound in real time as it comes in through the input jack and out my aftermarket speakers. Is there anything that will do this or any kind of workaround? I had to download and use a program called LineIn just to even get it to play flat through the machine which was even more frustrating.

    Any help please??? There has got to be some way to do this.

    Thanks, be well...

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    I don't really see the need to pass the sound of the XM through the computer, if you don't want to record it.
    iTunes is only a media player, not a media processor. As far as I know, the Windows Media Player, on Windows, doesn't process the line-in sound either, except for recording.

    So what you need for real-time audio processing is some professional audio software, and that's very expensive, if it's only for that purpose...

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