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    I'm switching to Mac, and I'm looking for some input on MobileMe, which I'm considering getting when I buy an iMac.

    I'll still use my Vista laptop when I'm out of my home office a few days a week, and I'm interested in MobileMe because I want to have Outlook and Mail or Entourage synced. In Outlook, I have a lot of folders. Does MobileMe sync the entire inbox, folders and all?

    I'm also looking for input on Office 2008 for Mac. I've been using Office for Windows for 12+ years, but I'm considering using Open Office or StarOffice on the iMac. Do either of those work well on Mac? I mainly use Word and occasionally PowerPoint, as well as Outlook. But if Mail is as good as some posters and reviewers make it out to be, maybe I don't need Entourage. And if I don't need Entourage, then I probably don't need Office 2008 for Mac, as long as Open Office or StarOffice have few or no problems with Word docs and PowerPoint files.

    Thanks in advance.

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    My opinion is that mail is nowhere near the standard of Entourage. For my needs anyhow.

    Office 2008 is also excellent in general, im enjoying using it.

    MobileMe, i havent used, sorry.
    2009 Macbook Pro 2.53Ghz / 8GB Ram / 500GB HDD :dive: RIP Macbook Black!

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    Thanks for the feedback, Alex. What are Mail's shortcomings? For example, I send and receive a lot of meeting requests in Outlook, so I'm interested in how Mail and Entourage handle those. I've heard that in Mail, you can't just hit Accept to have the RSVP sent and it added to your calendar.

    Regarding Office 2008, I don't need Exchange support, so if I decide to stick with Office, the Home and Student Edition should be fine.

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    I always recommend for people to check out pages and numbers, as I actually like them alot more then the programs in "office". I would check those out I think there is a trial associated with them, and they format with the windows versions perfectly.

    In regards to me, I went for the couple months free just as a what the heck, and I have really liked it. I posted about it here a few days ago and most people agreed with me, the syncing and everything just works great. I add numbers out n about and I come back to my computer asking for approval to sync with it while I was out. I really really like it. Pushing pictures and stuff to the albums is sweet too, in addition to the 20gb's of storage.

    Havent used mail sorry

    hope my few cents helps you a little..

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