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    deleted SAFARI from dock, and can't get bookmarks back ?
    somehow, I deleted safari from the dock, and when i went to make an ALIAS, on the desktop, then drag that back to the dock, it didn' "restore" my bookmarks.

    Is there an easy way to do this ?! Or, do I need to do it again?

    Also,, can I "rename" something on teh dock ? For example, the safari shortcut now says SAFARI ALIAS and has the shortcut icon, instead of the regular safari icon, and can I rename it to simply "SAFARI"?

    thansk for helping out a newbie!!


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    being on the dock shouldn't have anything to do with your bookmarks. Pull the safari alias off the dock, then cmd - space type safari and hit enter (i rarely use the dock, not a lot of reason to) then to keep it on there once the icon is up, right click on it and select 'keep on dock' or something like that.
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    Try and drag Safari directly from your applications folder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackington View Post
    Try and drag Safari directly from your applications folder.
    ^ That one should do the trick. Drag and drop it straight onto the Dock, no creating aliases or anything.

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