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    Jul 15, 2008
    Macbook viewing angle / ergonomics
    New macbook owner. One thing I can't seem to get comfortable with is the view angle. On other notebooks I've owned, the screen would fold way back past 90 degrees. With the MB's single hinge, the screen is barely past 90 degrees. I find I'm slouching a lot just to look at the screen from a comfortable angle. Is there a solution to this other that using an external monitor?

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    is this an air or a regular macbook?

    i have no problem at all with my regular macbook. the screen easily folds back to about halfway between 90 degrees and flat back. easily more than i've ever needed in any normal situation.
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    I have also had no problem with the viewing angle - *close* to 45 degrees.

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    Yeah no problems here either. The only thing i could say to try would be a laptop stand. It would elevate the laptop so its more like looking at a monitor on a desktop. Personally i have the Logitech Alto Connect. Its a really nice stand, and has 4 built in usb ports on it. I think its 59.99 or something like that.

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    About 120 degrees for me.

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    Figured the problem out. DUH! It's due to the Incase hardshell case I put my new macbook in. It limits the hinge travel. The real issue now is that I really like the protection the case provides, but it would be nice if the screen opened further. I may have to dremel the case.

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