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Thread: Gettin iMac 20", and some questions

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    Question Gettin iMac 20", and some questions
    Hey guys,
    Im getting an iMac 20" for christmas, and im pumped up, its my first mac machine, i cant wait to get off this piece of crap windows thing.
    I got a question about getting online.
    Once I plug my ethernet cable from my router to my iMac, does it prompt me, or do i have to go to Settings, or what do i do?
    Also, any news of Battle for Middle Earth coming out on Mac?

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    theres really nothing to do, plug it in,usually, its automatically set up, but if it doesnt, and it will, go into system prefernces> Internet&Network category>Network>click built in ethernet in the list, click configure, from there, you either click assist me, or you click the appropiate tab(probably) tcp/ip) and set it using dhcp and enter all the info, and then in the ethernet tab, click Configure: Automatically. not sure about tat game coming out or not.

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    Since it will be a brand new system. When you first start it. An automatic configuration program will run. It will create a user id and help set it up on the network.
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    Ok thanks alot for the help, i cant wait to get it, christmas morning will br sweeeeeeeettt.

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