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    Unhappy Deleting Duplicate Photos?
    Okay, I recently went through a crisis with iPhoto.

    Being a former Windows user, I did something Windows-y by thinking I had imported pictures twice and deleting "duplicates" in the Finder. These were in fact iPhoto thumbnails or something needed for my Events, I guess. I realized my error and dragged everything out of the trash. I E-mailed Bill at MacHelp, who was awesome and told me how to restore iPhoto's library. Good stuff. Now I still think I have extra files sitting around on my machine. Is it safe to re-delete those that I had put in the trash now? Is there a way I can find them all without doing it manually? I'm worried about these taking up precious space on my new Macbook, you know?

    Thanks guys! This is my first post, but I hope to not be one of those posters who signs up just to get their question answered. I really have little help to offer though--perhaps in time.
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    In iPhoto's preferences (cmd ,) under the advanced tab, there is an option to copy files when they are imported.

    If that is on, and was on when you imported, it is safe to delete the files after they have been imported.

    This also applies to music in iTunes.

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