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    Full OSX CD with iBook? Can I use tiger?

    Planning on getting an iBook soon. Got a few questions.

    1. Is it a full OSX CD/DVD that comes with the iBook or is it some sort of "preload-it-all/restore-it-all" CD/DVD? Point is I would like to do a custom install of OSX - is that posible/recomended?

    2. Can I run Tiger (10.4) on the iBook. I have read the sys. requirements here: - but I'm not sure if it will run on the iBook (without all the fancy new grafix) or it will require one of the named gfx card.


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    1. it comes with a software estore disc, and also a seperate disc just for installing the OS, well, most do.B>I dont recommend a custom install unless you know what youre doing.
    2. it should run on the ibook as long as you meet the minimum requirements like ram and hd space.

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    Thanks! Well I'm new to mac but I have used linux for quite some time. So I think I'll dare the custum install ;-)


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    I have a feeling that Tiger will run on the iBooks, but it won't support any of the new technologies since our video card (MR 9200) is not compatible.

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