I picked up a G4 PowerMac with Dual 450mhz processors. It has 896 MB of ram and an 80gb hard drive. I just wanted a computer to browse the net and mess around with osx and get used to it. I don't have a monitor to hook it up to at the moment other than my 42" LCD tv which unfortunately doesn't support most resolutions it seems. I was wondering if there is an equivalent to safe mode on a pc so maybe I could use it lol. When I boot it I hear the startup sound and a screen comes up with a little Ipod looking thing in the center with a smiley face and a spinning cursor in the top left then after a little bit it goes black and my tv says "unsupported resolution." Any help would be great I'm just wanting to use it since I've been using a dual core G5 at work with 4 gb of ram for photoshop. To be honest I'm not even sure if there is an os on it though I would assume because I got it from a home photography dude who had 7 of them but he switched to PCs... Wouldn't think he would need the licenses. Anyways thanks