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Thread: Does Mac book come with Word, Excel, etc.

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    Does Mac book come with Word, Excel, etc.
    Looking into surprising my wife with a Macbook. We have always used Windows based systems but I think it's time to try out Apple. Does the off the shelf Macbook come with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint or is this an add on program?


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    MS Office is not included for free.
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    its available for $150 ($149 and change)

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    No, but you can always get NeoOffice or other free word processing suites, if you don't want to buy Office '08. Just a suggestion, though. I would prefer Office '08 but since I have to pay for my own things... yeah

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    Open Office (free) is equivalent to MS Office:

    Word = Writer
    Excel = Calc
    PowerPoint = Impress
    Access = Base

    You can import MS Office files into Open Office and save files in Open Office as MS Office files. You might lose a little formatting, but the two sets of files are over 90% equivalent.

    Download OOo here:
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    You may want to checkout iWorks '08 which has a word processing program, spreadsheet program and a slideshow program. I am choosing not to give microsoft anymore of my money.
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