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    New to Mac and luvin question though...
    Greetings Mac faithfuls,

    I finally took the plunge and ordered an iMac, macbook air, and a macbook pro. I decided to keep the pro because it was transportable and powerful...the best of both worlds...BTW..I LOVE MACS!!!!!!! Anyway, I sold the macbook air and have the imac on ebay, and I bought a 32 inch Sharp Aquos 1080p TV with a DVI in and I hook my Macbook pro into when I'm in my office. I love the huge display but the native res is 1920x1080 instead of 1920x1200, so I lose a little clarity and the standard display ratio is 16x9 instead of a computers 16x10, so it doesn't fill the screen. But, I can hook up Directv to it via hdmi and watch blu ray on it so I sacrificed a little size and clarity for functionality. Okay, enough with my Mac testimony. My question is this...I can use my laptop for hours at a time plugged in and as you all know the macbok pros get unusually hot. Are these prolonged sessions bad for the battery or the hardware? And do "cooling" apparatus like fan pads and others work at all?? Thanks in advance for your time in responding to this.

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    Could someone please respond.....Not to be a pest, but how do you cool down your mac book pro if its on a lot???

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    Try SMC Control if you want to mess around with the fans.

    Laptops are hot by nature nowadays (which is why they're called notebooks now - they're not meant to go on your lap because of the heat).

    Your machine won't be damaged by being on 24/7 and running hot. My iMac gets so hot I can't hold my hand on if for more than a couple of seconds sometimes!

    There's no need to worry about the heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiG_mAc_AtTaCk View Post
    Could someone please respond.....Not to be a pest, but how do you cool down your mac book pro if its on a lot???
    How about you give people a chance to reply? Between your initial post, and this one, most people were sleeping.

    Have you tried searching the forums? There are already several threads as to how people handle MBP heat issues. A Google search will probably reveal a lot of 3rd party cooling solutions as well.

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