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    installed logitech mouse, can't find configuration software?
    Hi all,

    I just recently installed my Logitech VX Nano for my MBP. I can make some changes to the mouse by going to system preferences, but I can't find the software that was installed from the logitech cd (i'm pretty sure there is something made by logitech that is used to configure my mouse more extensively) I'm just wondering like where it is. I checked in applications and I found something related to logitech, but it is not what I'm looking for.

    Any ideas?

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    I'd try in the Utilities Folder under Applications, check there, just an idea
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    You need the Control Center...,en

    Once installed it will be at the bottom of the System Prefs
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    I have a V470 and my Control Center is in the System Prefs.

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