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    Transferring music to a new Mac
    Hey everyone

    I should be getting a new MacBook sometime mid next week. However, I'll be doing the student discount and getting a new 32GB iPod Touch. I currently have a 16GB one that I am now selling to make up for the remaining $200 I would have to pay on the new touch. I told my buyer to wait until mid next week, but I'm still not sure if I will have the Mac by then. I told him to wait so that I could use the program Senuti to transfer music from my current iPod onto the iTunes on my new Mac.

    However, I don't know if I will have the Mac by then, and I don't want to keep the buyer waiting. So i figure I should transfer all my music files off my current computer onto an external hard drive and then, if push comes to shove and I have to sell the Touch before I get my new Mac, then I will be able to transfer the music files off the hard drive onto my new Mac. My questions stem from here:

    1.) I have several purchased albums in iTunes. If I use Senuti, will my purchased albums be transferred successfully? And if I use an external hard drive?

    2.) When I use Senuti to transfer music onto the Mac, will Mac automatically organize the music into a respective music folder? What about if I use the hard drive?

    Thanks for reading!


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    It's even more simple than that. All you have to do is copy/paste the iTunes folder to the external drive. After that, deauthorize that computer (if you're not keeping it). When the new Mac arrives, simply log in to your iTunes account and all that music will play without difficulties!

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    Sounds simple enough

    How do I deauthorize the computer?

    And do I need to deauthorize the computer the minute I paste the iTunes folder into the harddrive?

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    Purchased files from iTunes can be 'authorised' on up to 5 computers, to deauthorise one computer to free up this space for others, look under the 'advanced' menu in the toolbar

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