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Thread: Help Graphics!

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    Help Graphics!
    I have been on Windows all my life but after playing with Leopard I decided to switch. I will be buying a MAC Pro in the nest couple of weeks.
    I'm not getting it from the Apple Store as I'm having to get it on finance and Apples isn't very good on the APR.

    So I'm getting the basic 2X 2.8ghz Xeons, 2GB RAM and the ATI 2600.
    I need to upgrade RAM (Not Apple RAM though) and upgrade the graphics.
    I'm having trouble finding the right components though.
    I know I need 200 FB-DIMM 800mhz RAM (that right?) but can't find it (If anyone in the know could find it on I would be very grateful

    But it's the graphics cards that are really messing me about. When looking at cards they don't say if they have MAC drivers. I was looking for the 8800GT 512mb but they just mention PC.

    Any help would be most helpfull.

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    Try going to ClubMac or OWC where they specialize in Macs.
    OWC is good for memory especially.
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    Thanks Cradom!

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