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Thread: OS X Boot Nightmare....

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    Exclamation OS X Boot Nightmare....
    I have a dual boot G4 which I usually run in OS 9. I have booted it
    up in OS X before without a problem.

    Today I set it to boot in OS X and upon restarting all I could get was the grey apple logo sitting there....
    ....and nothing else, ever!

    After several hours of trawling the net i've cleared the P-RAM and got it to option-boot into the screen where you can pick the OS.

    Now the problem is that only OS X will show up. And when I select that, I get a gray apple for a few seconds, then a gray symbol that looks like a No Smoking sign but without the ***.

    I need it to boot into OS 9 but it won't!!! AARRRGG

    Just to top it all off I can't find any CD's with either OS on them, so I can't even boot up that way!

    Does anyone have any ideas what could of caused this type of boot
    error, and more importantly how can I resolve it?!!?


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    Don't know if this will work you, but it works for me on my beige G3. Reboot the system and hold down the option key until the system starts to boot.
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    Thanx man for your swift response, but as I said I've already gone down that road....

    Quote Originally Posted by Studio_Woody
    i've cleared the P-RAM and got it to option-boot into the screen where you can pick the OS.
    ...It won't work, it'll only let me choose OS X from that screen (OS X refuses to boot) and I need to be in OS 9 anyway.

    Anyone else got any ideas? I need to use this machine 9am for work! :eek:

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    As soon as the computer boots hold down Apple + S

    If you get to single user mode where you see a bunch of unix mumbo jumbo then when it is done type this and hit enter

    /sbin/fsck -f

    when that is done run it again if it fixed anything and if it says nothign was changed type exit and hit enter
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    What trpnmonkey suggests should do it.
    Nevertheless, for future issues:
    If you want to be able to choose between OS X and OS9 by starting with the option-key pressed, you need to move OS9 to an other partition or Harddisk, if you have a second one.

    The default installation has OS X and OS9 on the same partition, this doesn't work with option-key booting.

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