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    Downloading Software on External hard drive
    Hi All,

    i'm back again with some question (s) regarding the clamshell g3 second generation model. It's not pimped out in upgrades as it is just a starter and introduction into the mac world for me. My question, is it possible to download software, save it on and external hard drive and access it from the hard drive solely? My clamshell only has 6gb but im getting an external but if i download any other software on the machine im afraid it will give out. Suggestions?

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    im pretty sure you can install and run apps off the external, but maybe someone can back me up on that. Just make sure you have the external connected when you want to run that app.

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    I had the same problem with my G3 and I'm pretty sure you can do it.

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    Yes you can do it. Applications in Mac OS X install in 2 ways. Either via a drag and drop mechanism, or like windows; a installer runs (in .pkg format). Most software is installed via the drag and drop mechanism. If you install via drag and drop then it will run on the external HD. If its installed via a .pkg format then it won't.
    Vikram Shah

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    thanks for all the helpfull info.

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