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    Apple Monitors
    Just wondering what your thoughts are on Apple LCD monitors vs other brand of LCD monitors? They are so much more expensive, but is there really a significant advantage of using them?

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    apple monitors are

    1) much brighter
    2) there like HD quality
    3) they match all the metal styles
    4) they have no deadzone around the edges
    5) they have built in usb an firewire leading out from JUST one cable
    6) some other monitors dont work well with apple.

    If your going to use another monitors with apple, make sure there DVI, if possible.... Not a must, and makesure they have an auto config button...

    I know for a fact that some monitors dont show well at all using apple.

    I for example, use Samsiung Syncmaster 760v tft monitors, there old but were top of the line for their time.

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    Basically it's down to one thing.

    The price and quality of a Apple Display coincide with professional pre-press displays rather than the consumer displays you can buy for a few hundred of pounds. They will do the same job as the Apple ones but they won't be as accurate on colour matching, nor are they pre-calibrated for the Pantone standard or up to the wear'n'tire of professional pre-press displays. hence the silly price tags. Basically, If your work doesn't cover prepress and colour accuracy isn't amongst the most important aspect of your work, then you could just choose a brand x monitor.

    Having said that your comparing a Mini Cooper to a Ferrari. Both offer excellent speeds and performance but your don't get all the bells and whistles from a Mini.

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