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    Newbie Questions
    Hi, I'm re-writting the thread "confused newbie" which for some reason is completely blank...

    Anyways, I just bought a blueberry clamshell off of eBay and was wondering if:

    1) Anyone had any advice on which websites to go to or which books to read. (my OS will be Panther).

    2) What to do about batteries. I still haven't bought mine yet. Is it worth buying new ones? Does anyone know of any cheap places online to buy batteries?

    3) Finally, is this battery charger the best/only model for the job? just five days before I can rid myself of Chucky (my PC). Oh how I wish I could bash this thing in with a sledgehammer. Might actually improve it.

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    2)get new bats
    3)it seems very cool
    Mac OSX is the bomb :bomb:
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    I would recommend this book to buy “The Robin Williams Mac OS X Book, Panther Edition”. It’s the best. My college course even uses it as a required textbook for my commercial arts class.

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    Any of the OSX Missing Manual series is just phenomenal also. I highly recommend them.
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