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Thread: can you sell a Mac product back to Apple?

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    can you sell a Mac product back to Apple?
    can you sell back a mac product to apple? not as a full refund but to at least get some decent money back? like my friends 4G ipod is really glitchy now and its not like any body will pay good money to buy it so i was thinking apple make take it back so they can use it in refurbishing or something.

    i was just wondering cuz that guy at the apple store told me when i was buying my mac that the good thing about macs is that they dont lose their resale value that much

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    they hold their value well, but apple doesnt buy their products back. If the iPod is really glitchy try restoring it, that will completely reset it and maybe fix it.

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    Macs hold their resale value, but iPods aren't Macs.

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    I used to work at Apple and you should check to see if they still have their iPod recycling program. They will give you something like 10-20% (I don't remember the percentage) off of a new iPod if you give them your old one.

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