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Thread: Restoring Time Machine Backup?

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    Restoring Time Machine Backup?
    Hi guys,

    After my Hard Drive failing on my mac and getting it repaired, I was told I needed to reinstall the OS system. I have now reinstalled it and am now using leopard. Luckily for me, I saved my Hard Drive contents on an external Hard Drive, before it packed up, with time machine.

    I have now plugged in my external hard drive via USB and I am now wondering how do I get my Backup from my external onto my macbook? Do I just drag it across?

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    it's best to do it when you first re-installed the OS, but you can still do it now...

    open Migration Assistant in Applications>Utilities, and there's the option to restore from a Time Machine backup

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    Are you wanting to Restore from the TM backup??? If so.. leave the backup where it is...

    Boot to your Leopard Install Disk.

    Go to: Utilities >>> Restore System from Backup

    Once in the Restore Your System dialog... click Continue.

    Click/Highlight your External TM Drive... then select the Backup file that you are wanting to restore from.

    Follow the rest of the prompts.... and Viola! your back in Time.

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