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Thread: Switched, Got Itunes Issues

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    Switched, Got Itunes Issues
    I switched to a new MBP last month and have moved all of my music, over to the new machine. Here is the thing, some of it has gone away. I can't find my purchased music and some of the album art. the files are spread across several folders. I want to combine the folders and see if this will fix the problems. I know I can add folders to get the music but I don't want to have to re connect the art, or look up new art. Any suggestions?


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    Sorry, I'm not sure I quite understand. If you want to put them in one folder you just need to drag and drop them all into the same place.

    You may need to authorise your new computer before you can play your purchased music.

    I'm not entirely sure about the album art thing, but it's not too much hassle to download it again via itunes.

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    This is simply a question of authorizing your new computer against your iTunes Music Store account. Start up iTunes, then select Store -> Authorize Computer. Your music will show back up.

    Re the crazy music hierarchy that iTunes maintains, I agree. I am sure that it is not arbitrary, but some of it certainly seems so. However, as long as iTunes manages it for me, I am OK with it.
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