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    Safari can't find server!
    Sorry if this has been addressed; I tried searching the archives with no success but that could have been my fault.

    In any case, the one and only thing that is driving me to distraction with my Powerbook is Safari's frequent inability to find a web address on the first try after I click a link. Sometimes the failure rate approaches 50 percent. I get the fold-down banner "Safari can't find the server," etc. When I put the cursor on the top address bar and click again it always goes right to it. Is there ANY way around this, or can someone at least explain to me why it happens? Thanks!

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    Yeah we just had a thread about this.. let me see if I can find it....

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    i dont have no mac's
    if your on wireless and your connection is crapy you might not be able to open some stuff

    just an idea, i;d follow the advice in the other thread and enter the dns address and that should fix your problem if your connected that way

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    Thank you both. I'll take a look at that thread.

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