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    Question Possible switcher...many questions though
    OK i've been using PCs since I've started using computers. I've recently been captivated by the talk about Macs. I'd like to switch, but am a little hesitant. If this is going to be my first Mac, should I get an eMac? I will most likely choose the eMac because it is in my price range, and I don't really do too many complicated things on my computer anyway(just basic college stuff...surfing, chatting, email, music) But one thing i am concerned about is the integration of PC hardware and software. I have alot of stuff that I use for my Pc that I really do not want to have to buy again for the Mac (Iomega external DVD burner, a printer, and an external ZIP drive mainly). Will i be able to install and use these on a Mac. I've been told that "Virtual PC" can be used to allow me to do this. Also, I've jsut recently bought a D-Link Air card and Wireless router; can i use these for the Mac? I'd appreciate any help or information, I'm just concerned about these things and want to make the best decision. Thanks

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    eMac's are fine machines just be sure to get enough RAM (512 min I say)

    You will have to check out the sites on the specific peripherals to see if they are compatible with OS X.

    Virtual PC would not make a difference with the hardware, plus it is expensive and slow.

    The D-Link AirCard will not work but you can get the AirPort extreme card and that will connect to your wireless router
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    the iomega peripherals, depending on how old they are, should work, the printer will most likely work, what brand/model is it? but Im pretty much 99.9% sure the external dvd burner and zip drive will work. though itunes doesnt support burning mp3 dvds to external iomega drives, but you could always use toast.:mac:

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    I just got my first Mac a week or so ago. I've been a very avid PCer for years. I build my own (as well as others) PCs. I have close to $2,000 worth of software. My PC is a P4 3.0, 1gb pc 3500 ram 2 120gb drives in a raid setup, 80gb system disk, and a 160gb video disk. In short I eat, sleep, and drink PCs.

    Well, it has been shut down, turned off, & neglected since this sweet little iBook G4 arrived. And, I hate laptops!

    I plan on selling the PC, lock, stock, & barrel, and getting a 20" iMac G5.

    All I can say is don't do it! It will over take you!

    Get the iBook (look in the iBook forum). If you do change your mind they have a good resale ability (you won't). Then replace your desktop with a good Mac.

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    i purchased this used g3 i book about a week ago to see if i wanted to make the switch before i spent the money and a new one and got stuck with it if i didn't like it. well i have a prety sweet alienware pc and its not seeing any use anymore and im selling it to get a new iBook or maybe a powerbook. i think os X is better too look at and i find it easy to use.

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    My sig says it all, IMO :alien:

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    I just switched about two months ago. I too had a top of the line PC that I built myself. I got a PowerBook and will almost certainly never go back.
    Peripherals are almost always compatible, as previously stated.
    For a student, I'd suggest a laptop before a desktop if only for the portability.

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