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Thread: Switcher wants an image editor

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    Switcher wants an image editor
    I have just switched and am really missing a good image editor. Windows Paint was not bad for simple manipulation of screen grabs etc. Paint.NET was an excellent fully featured editor. I used PhotoShop in the past - also v. good although not free of course.

    I need the "standard" functions like layers, image size and resolution, canvas size, rotate image, filters, add text etc.

    I must admit I was quite surprised not to find something already present on the system. iPhoto is ok for what it does but you can't use it to create graphics.

    I've tried Seashore (no canvas size, no image rotate), Acorn (no canvas size, rather tedious command palette), Pixelmator (has the functions but is it really worth $59 for intermittent use?).

    I have read about Gimp but lots of talk of X11 and XQuartz packages. I just want to install a program for goodness sake!

    Please tell me that Windows isn't better provided for in this area than OSX. I thought Macs were designed for graphics.


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    Well if you're looking to not pay a lot of money try out photoshop elements. It has pretty much the same stuff as photoshop just not as technical. You could also try's freeware and supposed to be pretty good
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    Try Paintbrush if you liked Paint and .NET Paint on Windows. It's basically a Mac-based clone.

    If you need something more complex, there's been a ton of threads on this forum asking the same question. Try doing a search for "paint programs" and you'll get literally hundreds of suggestions. In particular, I find Pixelmator to be most excellent.
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